What happens when you type an URL in your browser and press Enter

This is a question that was in my head years ago when I was learning to write some basics HTML pages, when I researched I figured out that there was a lot of new technical words and also some documentation went in deep with information that although I found interesting not answered my question, so whit the intention to response the question I would write a simple list of steps that are done when we type the https://www.holbertonschool.com in your browser and press enter, additionally I will let links just in case that you want to understand some concepts with more detail:

  • First of all, is necessary that the URL (www.holbertonschool.com) should be resolves to another hostname or IP address, this work is done by the DNS.
  • In this case we have https which means that the traffic is encrypted and using a certificate SSL (HTTP/SSL).
  • The request goes through internet and in this point the request should be have reached the IP of the server on the port 443 (HTTPS).
  • Is very probable that before of reach the final destination founds a firewall that should be accepts the traffic on the TCP port 443 (which is the port number for HTTPS).
  • Nowadays there are systems called load balancers that received the requests and distribute them in different web servers in order to balance the traffic and prevent overloads.
  • The web server that receives the request work with the application server and queries the database to get all the data.
  • The application server collects the information and generates the page.
  • Finally, the request is answered by the web server and a web page is displayed.

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